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Psychology of, and coaching through, redundancy

Redundancy and how our sense of psychological safety is affected be being ‘at risk’ of redundancy is top of mind this week. The Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act 2023 comes into effect on Friday 6th April. My thanks to for the following people for their contributions in this piece: Dr Maddy Stevens, Reader in Organisation […]

Comeback Coaching Research

This research request has been e-mailed to past coachees who meet certain criteria. Please only REGISTER HERE if you have received an e-mail inviting you to be part of this research. Summary of Research Qualitative research methods will be employed to follow-up with, and understand the experiences of, women who had ‘comeback coaching’* to support […]

Are compressed hours fair?

By Jessica Chivers, founder of The Talent Keeper Specialists How to make full time work, work How to make full time work work is explored in episode 62 of our podcast, COMEBACK COACH. It’s the podcast recommended by HR leaders to employees preparing to return to work after a break. Compressed hours are one of […]

The Equal Parent

What can two gay dads teach fathers about being a parent? Quite a lot actually. That was the headline in The Times on Saturday 25/2/23 about Paul & Robin Morgan-Bentley, a husband and husband duo who had their son Solly via surrogacy. Paul is the author of a new book The Equal Parent (digested below) […]

Start your new job by considering your quit criteria

“What if I leave this job and hate the next one?” This is a fear many of us have experienced in our careers when we’re in a job we don’t like. It’s one we work on with coachees. Most of us would rather stay and keep hating our current job than risk moving to a […]

Don’t Fix Women

Our founder Jessica Chivers was delighted to contribute* to “Don’t Fix Women” and join Joy Burnford at the launch at the London Stock Exchange. When JC reads non-fiction she’s in the habit of marking up key page references in the front cover for ease of reference when she returns to it weeks/months/years down the line). […]

10 years of The Talent Keeper Specialists

The Talent Keeper Specialists is on a mission to keep everyone everywhere feeling confident, connected and cared for when they take extended leave from work. We celebrated 10 years with clients, coachees and podcast guests in London at the end of 2022.

Expectant Fathers at Work #BreakingTheBias #IWD2022

Jessica Chivers, founder of The Talent Keeper Specialists. When the Government introduced Shared Parental Leave in 2015 I was vocal about men needing a ‘use it or lose it’ portion set aside exclusively for them. I even berated Jo Swinson MP over coffee for failing to do this when she was in the coalition Government […]