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How Comeback Coaching for Maternity Returners impacts Career Development in Professional Services

Comeback coaching is a phrase we coined to describe coaching that supports a person re-entering the world of work after a period of extended leave. We work mainly with women returning to work after maternity leave and this coaching is referred in academic literature as ‘maternity coaching’. Our work is wider than maternity and includes […]

We’re Hiring! Are you our CAN-MAN?

Community Ambassador & Nurture Manager “CAN-MAN” We’re looking for a warm, proactive, social media-savvy person who has experience of taking extended leave from a corporate environment, to join The Talent Keeper Specialists as our Community Ambassador & Nurture Manager. (Or “CAN-MAN” as we’re affectionately calling you). It’s a super flexible, part time, home-based role with […]

How to help colleagues beat the summer strain

Quite by chance* I watched Robert Waldinger’s TED Talk last week on the longest longitudinal study of human happiness. The Harvard study has been running since 1938 and finds high quality personal relationships are the best predictor of happiness, health and longevity. Here in the summer of 2021 employees’ relationships at home are under strain […]

Why are we fans of walking coaching meetings?

We’ve been advocates of walking coaching meetings for many years. Research tells us that outdoor walking leads to more ‘creative’ thinking[1] than sitting inside or being pushed in a wheelchair outdoors. And the boost in divergent thinking lingers when you return to your (indoor) desk. For many of our coachees who are returning to work […]