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Why you should champion powerful KIT days 

If you want your staff to feel confident coming back into work after maternity leave, gently remind them of their value by inviting them into the workplace several times during their time away. Just like you might offer a new member of staff the opportunity to attend a team meeting or a social event (remember […]

Why voice memos are my M.O. for including people during a pandemic

The Talent Keeper Specialists are here to help give employees a sense of security and connection so they can hit the ground running when they return from maternity and other extended leaves from work. Here we explain how line managers can help all employees feel included. We’re also sharing tips for remote workers and employees on long-term leave to ensure they don’t get left behind.

9 Needs of Leave

Our Comeback Community™ employee experience is designed around our 9 Needs of Leave framework which support three positive states: feeling confident, connected and cared for.

Increasing your impact and making the most of your time

If you’re coming back on reduced hours, or no longer have the inability to ‘stay late’ and play catch up on things not completed during the normal work day you might be wondering how you’ll deliver all you did before. The answer? Don’t even try to! This is an opportunity to start afresh, consider the impact you want to have and make a plan to get there.